Why Choose CBAF?

CBAF offers you a number of great features that you won’t find anywhere else. Our customers enjoy:

Brand name fund managers at low fees. Invest in some of Canada’s top funds at better than retail IMFs.

Access to institutional funds and fund managers. Many of the funds that we offer are only available in large pension plans or to large investors. CBAF’s size gives you access to fund managers that are not available to most individual investors.

Lower than retail Investment Management Fees (IMF). Through an arrangement with Manulife Financial, CBAF has negotiated lower Investment Management Fees (similar to MERs) than are usually available to individual investors. Lower IMFs could save you tens of thousands of dollars in fees over the lifetime of your investments.

The CBAF Member Loyalty Program. We believe in rewarding loyal customers. As your account balance grows, you will benefit from even lower IMFs through our CBAF reward program. Account balances between $50,000 and $499,999 will enjoy an IMF reduction of 0.15%. Account balances of $500,000 or greater enjoy an additional reduction of 0.10% for a total reduction of 0.25% off our already low fees.

CBA Member Discount. CBA members receive an additional discount of 0.40% off of our already low IMFs. This can lead to significant savings and help you reach your goals faster. If you are not a member of the CBA, you may wish to consider this added advantage. For more information visit www.cba.org. The CBA member discount can be combined with the CBAF Member Loyalty Program for incredible savings!

Invest with confidence. CBAF offers an excellent selection of investment options that have been carefully selected, with the assistance of internationally respected investment consultants, for their balance of low fees, stability, and long-term returns. In addition, Manulife’s exclusive Investment Watch (i-Watch) program incorporates a best practices approach to selecting fund managers and then ensures that the fund managers adhere to their investment mandates over time.

Convenient account access. You can access your account 24/7. Just log into your account through www.barfinancial.com or call 1-866-743-9222 for an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR).

Benefit to CBAF/CBA. Your participation in CBAF benefits the CBA, as a portion of our low investment management fees payable to Manulife Financial are shared with CBAF as sponsor of the program.

RRSP Loans. RRSP loans are available through Manulife Bank. RRSP loans can help you to increase your RRSP contributions. Doing so will create a larger tax refund which may then be used towards repaying the loan.

Access to Manulife’s Steps Retirement Program® (Steps). Steps walks you through a quick and simple process that helps you set your annual retirement income goal. With your goal set, you can check your progress on-line at any time – or see how you’re doing on the statement mailed to you – to be sure you’re on track to reach your goal. If you’re not, Steps will provide suggestions to get you back on track.


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